Therapeutic Packages:

   Each person who comes to AP Body Therapy is unique and so are their needs. Often times, more than one session is required to heal injury or to maintain balance. The number of sessions a person needs is generally calculated by the severity and duration of the issue and the person's age.

In an effort to make therapeutic massage affordable for everyone, we offer therapeutic packages of 6, 8, and 12 either  60 or 90 minute sessions.

   These therapeutic packages are offered with particular goals in mind making these sessions nontransferable.

    In order to gain the most benefit it is important to use package sessions within their set time frame. We understand emergencies happen and with a minimum 24-hour cancellation notice appointments can be rescheduled, For this reason, the expiration date is set one month after the time frame ends, giving some flexibility for life's unexpected moments.


Reset: $505    Eight 60-minute sessions

Recover:  $700  Eight 90-minute sessions

(Bodywork sessions are twice a week for four consecutive weeks.)


Renew:  $780   Twelve 60-minute sessions 

Restore:  $1080 Twelve 90-minute sessions

(Bodywork sessions are once a week for twelve consecutive weeks.)


Support:  $390  Six 60-minute sessions 

Nurture:  $540  Six 90-minute sessions

(Bodywork sessions are once a month for six consecutive months or twice a month for three consecutive months.