Medicated Massage:


     For thousands of years,  herbal medication  has been used to relieve pain, heal wounds, cure diseases and much more.

Since the turn of the century, natural remedy and herbal medicines have gained popularity among people of  all generations and all walks of life.

 independent studies conducted in labs  across at least 30 countries have shown significant improvement in patients with chronic pain and inflammation, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and even cancer when taking CBD (cannabidiol a chemical compound found in hemp and Marijuana plants( on a daily basis with no permanent side effects. Cannabis has been clinically proven to aid in treating, relieving and even curing numerous health conditions in children including epileptic seizures, autism, and cerebral palsy among others; again with no side effects.

     AP Body Therapy is pleased to offer medicated massage options to help relieve muscle aches and tension.  We offer  cannabis based topical products such as oils, salves, and muscle rubs.  We also offer topical products made without cannabis which use essential oils extracted from herbs and other plants that contain powerful medicinal properties.  Our topical products are hand-crafted from high quality sustainably sourced natural  ingredients and are designed for maximum absorption to enhance the healing benefits of massage, specifically target pain areas,  and provide fast effective relief. Moist heat therapy  is a  highly effective option for enhancing either of the many available options we offer.

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